Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hey guys! how is it goin' !

long time i jnow but i gott a new song and yes it says baby in the titaly and sure is it about a girl....well sure!!!!

oh yea btw as the title (titaly) says it starts at 12 seconds and there is a really long and cool solo by pat (aka that laundry guy) at the end!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

told em all

i told em like a min ago and yesss~! its the best cause i have been needing to just say it and all the while its like this pressure wqhich i dont need! (17 credits) and im trying to bee like a million people for everyone and my x is on me every day about everything so no! i dont feel bad about anything i am me and that is dgood enuf for now.

where have you been

hey dude jus wondering where have you been? everybodys been on me about it....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


grashun a pa lunen les un 'bait'!

Whose fucking claw is that!

kidden~! i was just having someone hold it there!

somthin kernda wierd that happened this morning

ok i just wanted to say about somthing kernda wierd that happened to me this morning. i was getting out of my house and into my walk to school then i saw the shuttle sittin' there so i ran up to it. the driver opened the door for me but then i sort of slipped a little and he closed the door half way. i got on my balance and went into the door and he said "i should be there.." like everyone else "on time!" THEn he aske for my id three times and i couldnt understand him until the last time and we were both thinkin OMG I NEED MY COFFFEEEEE!!!!

Just some pics from last night

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

phone problem

the thunder sound is prolly just a problem with the satellite in space.... sometimes a solar wind can hit it and spin it like a top and that's when you get this thunder sound! i heard it too the other day nearly made me go crazy....its like whenever you gotta make a really portant call too! also i ( <3) the last "blog" entry which hw were u workin on?

first problem of the day is a tough one

For each time we take out a step of our front door we have to make out the real time of the step. it’s not in your imagination but we think of it like a wing flap even if it’s not.
For each reflection operation we carry out we form an indistinguishable molecule that does not exist. You can flop and flip everything as much as you want to get it back to the same thing and it’s still there. Reflections are fake though you can do them but they mean nothing.
The downed power line in the street looks like a wing flapping….all the while it is the devils cock.

some days start FAST

ok first off Be CAREFUL out there..! its all an icy mess. i talked to my dad this morning and he said he saw downed power lines on his run and he had to give mona a ride home because she could have died from ice. then i talked to a librarian on the elevator and he was telling me that he had told carol that it was worse where they had shoveled the sidewalks and i AGREE! when i saw the first part of shoveled sidewalk i thought it was going to make my walk an easy dream but i slipped on the first step. its called black ice and you cant see it but one way to avoid it is to just try to be careful even if the side walk looks clear and safe black ice can still be there and you will trip. i called danny when i first left to tell him he should wear his boots today but he didn't pick up. (hope he is ok!) btw i had to call him twice because the first time the ring was a loud thunder sound and its happened to me before and when it does you cant really hear what the other person is saying....does anyone know anything about this??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New day (cool post...URS!)

im going through pretty much the same thing with one in my class but i have good news for both of us at the bottom of this post! lol...just wait till you get there! i have some other stuff to say....(everyone else this part is sort of just a chat between us you can read it but prolly you'll get confused as hell!) love the stuff you did with the colors its kinda wierd but it also works in a wierd way..... does it have somthing to do with the feel of the words or is it just a looks thing? ok this is what i was talking about earlier (unless you skipped down to this part....know you did!) check out these twins! (no promises they dont look single!) ---------------->

Monday, January 26, 2009

Glad thats over

Ok im just starting somthing they say in new york "It's no biggy!" im not saying that what happened earlier wasn't blah blah blah!! just kidding it;s portant but i don wana talk more on it....and all day (it could happen!) in here-------> OKay
I saw a chicallmo with short hair
which is weird because i usually dig on the long hair better dig my fingers into her skull
so my day turned into this whole big thing where i thought that i had to eat much smaller and smush my face into a totally different shape so i can look like the short haired girl...that's really not what it means to be in a crush its more like just wanting to......EWW!

so now i am just trying to read the same books and smell the same smells (not the gross ones!)

im sorry (stop the presses)

when i woke up this morning rob and danny were both still sleeping. Ian had left for school and the house was quiet. i could feel both danny and rob dreaming about my life through their own lives. peter and atom both have blogs and i wanted to create something just like they had created.......i wanted to dream peters "bloglife" through atoms "blogstyle". i was very jealous when i saw that goda had talked on facebook about bookmarking both of their blogs and that's what friendstylelife was born out of.

Are you fucking kidding me

"this blog is about our friends thats what the different part is" Fuck you czarnov (i cant even laugh about that now) I hope you fail your fucking test at 4:00 that was so shitty what you did making a whole new "blog" about some girl in your life who is probably just the same as all the other girls who just tease their tits in your face. im not sure if i can keep doing this...... fuck you i hope your kiss a poison dart frog

Important news (pretty singer writes love song with a twist for me)

When i start a new "blog" with "Important news" that means that somthing really real just happened to me. All of the shit i was talking about before will take a backseat to any new blog that starts this way. If you want "important news" can also be read as "STOP THE PRESSES!".

I found a singer who has composed a love song for me in spanish. she is beautiful and from the tranlated lyrics it seems that she used to love me. the twist is that i have changed to much for her to want to love me in the same she wants to burry herself inside of my chest. This is sort of weird news for me so if you see me today dont mention it but just say that im "looking good" or that "i have a new jacket on" <--- this will be a joke because i forgot my jacket at home last night when i went home and then to my aunts house for my granmothers 79th birthday!!!!!


I would like to forget you, but I can't,
This wicked love has conquered me.
I would like to die rather than forget you,
then bury myself in your chest.
Go away boy, I don't love you anymore
For me to love you, you will have to beg.
Go away dirty boy, I don't want you anymore.
Until you take a bath, I couldn't return to loving you.


( this is for the guys and lezes: PLEASE dont stare at her or anything because its sort of rude even though she is beautiful and because im not sure if i love her or not. )

thanks (and also i think it should be cool...)

Hey like i was saying in the title THanks! for thinking the blog is cool so far! and i think little chats are ok to have here as long as they dont mess up what im trying to do with the blog. Its about my friends lives thats what the different part about it is. But a little chat here and there is ok.... like if you think of a joke or if i have a test later and im getting scared for it (which i do have one at four!!!!)

hey this is cool! ( some parts needed changed though)

Hey Czarnov (i have to tell you about this later) {just a kind of joke i thought of} i notice you started a blog. Its pretty cool but you should change some parts up like maybe the newest blogs go on the bottom? Just kidding i know your kinda pissed about that. Is this a cool place for us to have little chats like this? send me a message or whatever i have class at 12:00 with pat... and a test at 4:00 AHH!!

upset about the way things are starting

i wanted my newest "blogs" to be on the bottom not the top. i wish this was way down there....NOT GOING TO LET IT RUIN MY DAY

this is a picture of Melissa and Joseph Tambellini. Melissa was my first girl in 6th grade. she changed alot since then - and her name was melissa rotella - in this picture she works as a chef and taster in the resturant here in this picture. "I (mel)<-------this is what i used to call her ------> havn't tasted so much food in one day!" she would write to me in a letter. in this picture she has married a distant relative and friend. They look happy here but does she still think of me?

Friend style life (about the name)

Friend are in style now i've become a blogger as well. It's about my friends life not mine that is whats the different part is. Last night iI saw two of my friends -just one- and pat was in my kitchen with his coat still on. but he didn't call me or come up to my room to tell me that he was there....waiting for the laundry next door.

"I didn't even take my coat off! im just sitting here readings my book..."

"I know you feel somehow justified because your still wearing your coat" this is the part that i said and now i feel different about it in the same way he might feel about what he said.